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Your wedding. The happiest day of your life. So fun to plan, right? The wedding shows, all the help you're going to get from your fiancé (wink), the joy of having to go to your family and ask when they're ready to pay that deposit that's due that they said they wanted to cover (or even more fun, when you have to go to your future in-laws). You get where I'm going, right? While your wedding day is going to rock, the months leading up to it are really tough. In the midst of that full time job, you're also supposed to find a venue, deal with that bridesmaid who doesn't like the dress that everyone picked and, meet and book about 30 different vendors and, oh yeah, workout and “eat right.” Gag. If you're like us, photography is one of the biggest parts of the day, and one of the hardest decisions. Other than your dress and the rings, what else is going to last after the big day?

Wedding Photography In Atlanta

So, why can picking a photographer be so challenging?

Well, for one, there are few people associated with your wedding who are going to be with you ALL DAY. If you think your cake baker makes beautiful, tasty delectables but you can't stand his face, it doesn't matter, he drops the cake off before you arrive and you don't see him all day. Not the case with your photographer; just the opposite actually. We are there to take beautiful photos, keep everyone on schedule, and make sure you, the bride and groom, are having the time of your lives all the while.

Back to that happiest day of your life stuff. That sounds like sarcasm, but it's totally not. Once we get to your wedding day, the planning is done, the shot lists are written and the number one priority is that you have an amazing day. Well, scratch that, that's the number two priority. Number one is that you get married :)

So, long story short, take a look around. We don't want this part to be a challenge. If you like our photos, we'd love to meet you so that you can be sure that we're the ones that you want to have fun with. We can't wait to see that tear run down his face as you walk up the aisle – you know we wouldn't dare miss getting a shot of it – and then we'll meet you on the dance floor and party on.

Engagement Shoots

Engagement shoots are one of our favorite types of portrait shoots for lots of reasons. First and foremost, you get the opportunity to get the “I'm getting my photo taken” jitters out before your wedding day. This can be a BIG deal! Other bonus: we get to get to know you better, too. One of our biggest priorities at Photosynthesis is that you have a fun time making great memories and don't stress too much about being in front of the camera. The more we interact with you before your wedding, the more we'll feel like another guest at your wedding and less like the creepy stranger in the corner with a zoom lens pointed at you for hours. We want to know how much or how little direction you and your fiance' prefer long before you're in that pretty white dress. We want to know what makes you laugh, feel comfortable, feel UN-comfortable and feel pretty so that when we show up on the big day, we're all set. The first dozen photos you'll see from the engagement shoot could be laced with nerves, but the ones at the end? Those are the ones that show your laugh, your personality and true interaction with your love. Let's get that awkward first dozen on the cutting room floor long before your big day because you'll be a pro by then.

Another benefit of an engagement shoot? The cute pictures! Whether you'd like to use them to on “Save the Date” cards, wedding websites or in one of our custom photo guest books ('cause who looks at a book full of a bunch of names more than once? Add photos and it becomes a great coffee table keepsake).

And last but not least, we often have couples who book an engagement shoot as a trial run before taking the plunge and booking their wedding day photographers. Try us out, make sure we're the best fit for you.

Want to have a little more fun before your wedding? Ask us about Bridal Portrait and Boudoir (you know, bow-chicka-WOW-WOW) Shoots, too!

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