Portrait Photography

We've all walked into that neighbor's house and seen all the big, beautiful portraits of the kids, the dogs, the family at Thanksgiving. Ugh, that household makes you feel like a bad parent. Not only do they live in a model home, but they also have managed to schedule a session with a photographer and get all the kids to the shoot without food running down their shirts, but they also picked the prints, ordered them AND got them hung up on the wall. I bet the interior designer even helped them pick the perfect spot. Hey, give yourself a break, pinning that family portrait that you liked on the “if I had more time” board on Pinterest was a lot of work. Let us help you make it a reality. A really EASY reality.

Portrait Photography In Atlanta

Family Portraits

When is the best time to do a new family portrait? Right now. Sure, Sarah's front teeth haven't quite made it all the way in but that's okay. Our goal is to make sure that getting portraits taken is easy and affordable enough that you don't have to pick that ONE time when everything is perfect and you can get a photo taken. Rather, document the braces, because pretty soon they'll be all grown up and you'll cherish the memory of the year you did the shoot when all he would agree to wear was tighty whiteys and a cape (we're talking about your son here, not your husband). I bet it will even be your favorite year.

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Maternity, Newborns & Baby Packages

What's more a milestone than welcoming a new baby into your lives? Oh, those little toes! Contact us to put together the perfect combination of shoots to showcase baby's first year, from maternity (don't worry, we'll never ask you to strip down so that we can wrap you in that weird itchy fabric) to newborn and through the 1st birthday, you tell us when to do the photos. Whether you choose the whole shebang doing of maternity, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year, or just one or two of those, we'll help you make the most perfect album that grandma can show off with pride.

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So, we're totally animal people here at Photosynthesis and we'd never think of leaving your furry friends out of the action. Whether you want to capture forever that oh so soft puppy fur (don't you wish you could scratch the photos and smell the puppy breath??) or to memorialize that sweet gray face who's a little slower than she used to be, bring your pup to your family shoot or spotlight him in his own special pet portrait session. We even had a goldfish make an appearance at a shoot a few years back. All are welcome!

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Senior Portraits

Senior year is a big time. It’s when they’re not quite a child anymore, but they’re still way to much of your little baby to be an adult. Embrace this time before they leave the nest, and document it with photos so that you have some pictures around the house to remember the years AFTER that gangly stage with the braces and the pimples. When they bring their first date home to meet you, they’ll love you for making the time to update the photos on the mantle and be proud to add them to their college applications.

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